Download latest version of Sanako Study (V. 10.0)

Sanako Study V. 10.0. Software

The following three software components (Server, Tutor, Student) are always installed in all Study installations. You can download these software components from the below links. The downloads are exe files. Simply download and run the each installation file on the correct workstation to install Sanako Study.

Download Study Server

– Server software is installed on the teacher computer or on a separate server computer.

Download Study Tutor

– Tutor software is installed on the teacher computer.

Download Study Student

– Student software is installed on the student computers.

Note: All Windows Operating System updates must be installed for your operating system in order to ensure that Study will run properly.

Minimum Windows Version is Windows 10 Version 1809 (October 2018 Update) or Windows Server 2019. (10.0.17763).

Sanako Study v.10 also requires .NET Runtime version 4.8.

For installation instructions and configuration info please refer to the Sanako Study Technical Manual.


Sanako Study Add-on Modules

Sanako Examination Module

Download Examination Module software


Sanako Study installation files in MSI  formats

Study 10.0 installation files as MSI

Study Server

Study Tutor

Study Student

Study Keyboard Blocker driver for MSI installer

Study prerequisites for MSI installer below: 





Release notes

Below are the Sanako Study Version 10.0 Release Notes so you can discover what’s new in the Version 10.0.

New features:

Updated interface for the Student application – This version completes the visual update for the user interface and the Student application now follows the same light and modernized color scheme as the Tutor application.

Timer – This feature allows the teacher to set timers for ongoing activities, which will automatically end the activity and collect student work if selected. The timer is also displayed on the student side. This allows the teacher to run multiple activities at the same time, without worrying about when to end the activity. It also allows the teachers to broadcast the time for students.

Updated Video Pairing Activity – Video pairing group size limit has been lifted, and can now be used with multiple students in each live group.

Bug fixes:

-Fixed an issue where Conference Interpreting activity minimized the Tutor screen scaling

-Fixed an issue where Vocabulary Activity had an issue with scaling and some of the buttons were not visible

-Fixed an issue where Session colors were too identical

-Removed Internet Browsing Activity due to obsolete 3rd party components