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“Why language education matters and how technology can increase its impact and reach”

Should governments encourage their citizens to engage in foreign language learning initiatives and does such investment make strong economic sense? How technology improves language learning and makes it accessible for all?

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What’s inside this EBOOK?

This 30-page EBOOK is a source of ideas, provocation and inspiration for language education leaders. It provides practical advice and solutions for the challenges you’re wrestling with, including the accessibility and technological transformation of language teaching. It also helps school leaders to passionately argue the case for ongoing financial support for developing language education.

This EBOOK is divided into 5 valuable articles covering the following topics.

  • How the use of educational technology in language learning benefits the whole school ecosystem
  • Why integrated language teaching platforms are an increasingly popular choice for schools and universities
  • And how they make language learning accessible for students with disabilities
  • The role that language education can play in stimulating national economic growth
  • An international review of government approaches to stimulating and funding foreign language learning

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