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General information

You might wonder what is new when the app informs that it has been updated. We added this page to keep you up to speed with all the changes.

But it’s also possible that nothing has changed for you. The notification pops up every time we deploy the application to the server. This means that there might be changes that are not really visible to the user in any way.

September 13th, 2020

We added a few options to make your work faster:

  • groups can now be automatically split with only online students, ensuring that there are no offline students in the audio groups
  • There’s a new option for randomizing the order of multiple choice and Q&A items. Each student will see the items in a different random order.

September 6th, 2020

As we are planning bigger features that take time to implement, we still want to keep a steady pace of fixes and smaller enhancements based on your feedback.

This week’s update brings optimizations to live audio streaming and a new option for group splitting. Now you can choose to include only online students when creating groups.

Another minor fix is that all the links you add with the text editors will be opened to a new tab by default.

August 30th, 2020

We’ve received reports of Sanako Connect not working properly in all school networks because of firewall/proxy/vpn settings. This release has fixes and changes related to that, so hopefully it will resolve most of these issues. If there still are issues, they are easier to spot since we changed the login error notification to bring attention to them.

August 16th, 2020

This small release has mainly performance optimizations. Student status (online/offline) is now also handled better in situations where the server is down or the teacher’s connection is temporarily lost.

July 3rd, 2020

This update brings another often requested feature: the teacher is now able to duplicate sessions! All the files and exercises in the session will be copied. This is the first update of many related to copying/sharing of sessions and exercises, expect to see more later this year.

There are also some fixes related to last week’s new feature, webcam and screen sharing.

June 26st, 2020

This is a big update! Now the teacher can share their webcam or their screen to the whole class. If there isn’t a webcam connected to the computer it will show up as disabled.

June 21st, 2020

This week’s release brings our new brand colours to Connect. The app is now brighter and greener than before! In addition to the new branding, some minor style changes were done at the same time.

Advanced recorder – new look!

There’s also a host of small improvements:

  • teacher gets a notification about new session chat messages when the chat is closed
  • the chat now scrolls automatically to the bottom, so that new messages are always on display
  • audio player is now active for the teacher in preview mode and student submissions
  • the student does not need to close the previous exercise to open a new one. When they open an exercise, the previously open exercise is closed automatically

June 7th, 2020

This release brings one completely new feature and smaller improvements for existing ones.

The new feature is a standalone recorder that the teacher can activate and distribute its URL to students. The recorder is the same as Advanced Recorder used in session exercises, but this one is not tied to any session.

Right now students can load mp3 and wav files from their device and save the outcome as mp3. We are researching integration with Google Drive.

After the update is released you can set up the recorder page here and write instructions for students to go along with the recorder:

What’s also new is an alternative view into the students. This one is table-based, so you can easily see from the same column what each student is doing.

We are working on a similar table for groups.

Other additions:

– added a hyperlink button to the rich text editor (you are still able to add links with right click)

– added a notification to web page embedding that not all pages can be embedded. Any page/server can be set up so that they cannot be embedded inside other web pages, so it is something we cannot bypass with Sanako Connect.

June 4th, 2020

This is a small release, mainly for fixing a bug with some iPads not being able to view PDFs.

Also removed the QR reader from the front page. (Tip: You can use iPad’s camera app to read QR code links)

May 31st, 2020

This release has some optimization regarding the app file size: it is now smaller, which will help the app load faster especially on slower connections.

There’s also one new feature, the possibility to restrict how many times students can play audio and video.

When you select Embed file in the exercise editor and choose an mp3 or mp4 file, the setting above will appear. By default it is not enabled, so students can play the file as many times as they want. But when there is a restriction, each play will count and the controls will be disabled when they press play.

There are also some other file type related settings in this release. For PDF files, you can choose if you want the students to see the PDF plugin toolbar when you embed the PDF. For images, you can write an alternative text for the image. This will help those using screen readers.

May 24th, 2020

This one is another big update: complete overhaul of real-time audio. Although the functionality itself is the same, it is now both faster and more reliable.

Here’s a recap of what’s possible with the real-time audio:

  • teacher can broadcast their voice to the entire class (the teacher and the students will not hear other students)
  • teacher can toggle group audio on an off. When it is on, group members can hear each other’s voices. Teacher can listen to or speak with the group.
  • teacher can listen in or speak with an individual student

What has changed are the student icons. They now inform the teacher in more detail about the student’s status and possible issues.

Here’s an example. When the student has not given the browser permission to access their microphone, it will be displayed for the teacher like this:

Unfortunately the teacher cannot fix this remotely, but the student is also informed about this:

The student card now has a three column footer detailing student activity. The first column tells if the student has an exercise open, and if they are currently playing audio or recording.

The next two columns are about the audio connections. The middle one is for teacher broadcast status and the right column for group/private audio status.

When you click on the Speak to all button on the header, what you should see in the middle is the spinner icon appearing for every student present, and then one by one changing into a check mark. Since everything depends on the student locations and connection speeds, there is a slight delay before the student will receive your audio stream.

When you assign students into a group and turn the audio on, you should see similar activity on the right column. The same goes for private conversations.

When you click or hover over the icons a popup appears with more information:

A  couple of additions unrelated to audio in this release:

  • if a student is recording and tries to close or submit the exercise, there will be a confirmation window asking if they really want to do that.
  • if a student tries to submit a recording exercise without a recording, there will be a confirmation window asking if they really want to do that.

May 16th, 2020

This is a major update for download speeds and for the Advanced Recorder.

First, you should see a big performance bump when downloading or uploading files and recordings. In some cases we have seen download times shrink to a fifth of what they were.

Another area with big improvements is the Advanced Recorder. The biggest single new thing is the ability to load an mp4 video as the master track. The video will be presented as the master track, and the video itself will be played above the timeline.

Voice insert can be used. With it, the video will be paused whenever there’s an inserted student recording. The audio from the video will also be included when downloading the mp3.

With the video track comes a host of smaller improvements:

  • file downloads and uploads have been optimized.  Together with the general performance uptick mentioned earlier, the recorder will be much faster to use, especially with bigger files
  • added zoom to the timeline. You can zoom out to see all recordings at once, or zoom in to focus on a spesific range. Mouse wheel or the input next to the timeline can be used for zooming
  • previously the playback position could be changed by clicking on the timeline when the recorder was paused. Now you can do this also when playing
  • downloading the Advanced Recorder tracks as a single mp3 file has been optimized – no more interface freezing or disconnect from the server

May 11th, 2020

Fixed an issue that in some cases prevented viewing more than one embedded PDF in the same exercise.

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