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The Pronounce Manager application allows teachers to connect to and control a number of Pronounce applications. Teachers are able to manage exercises, view students’ progress and performance and collect student work. Pronounce Manager helps teachers support students’ during pronunciation practice and keep track of student progress and performance.

fr pronounce master main

Selecting students

Left-click to select single student or CTRL + left-click to select more.Drag rubber band selector to select multiple students

Click on class view to cancel selection and work with all students

Opening and closing exercises

exercise buttons blur

Open and close exercises for selected students

Note: Unless particular students have been selected, the functions affect all workstations

Student icons

No exercise
Exercise loaded but not started
Exercise in progress

Collecting student work

collect buttons blur

Collect either the student recording, all student work or a report showing detailed scores for each student

Note: Unless particular students have been selected, the functions affect all workstations

Controlling a student application

control exercise

Control the current exercise for the selected student

Exercise and collection folder

The folder for storing exercises and collecting student work is defined in Edit menu – Settings

edit settings w blur
settings dialog


In this example the teacher runs a pronunciation exercise for three students.

Before the class

  1. Start Pronounce with Editor
  2. Select the Editor view
  3. Copy the source text and paste it into the Pronounce with Editor application
  4. Save the file as an exercise template into the Exercise folder for Pronounce Manager

In class

  1. Open Pronounce Manager.
  2. Open a layout for the current class
  3. Click Open and select the exercise created earlier
  4. Students can now work through the sentences in their own pace. Teacher can follow student progress with the student icons.
  5. When students are ready, click Recordings to collect the student recordings for evaluation
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