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Reactored is a digital language learning platform for 16 different languages. Our mission is to help people to provide the best quality education with a minimal effort. Packed with unique features that are tested and proven by the Finnish educational system.

Registering and getting teacher access

1. First register as a Reactored user at: https://app.reactored.com/register

2. Then log out from Reactored

3. And log in with your school’s Admin credentials, and add yourself as a teacher on the “teacher tab”. Admin IDs can be found in the organization Organisation ID file sent by e-mail.

4. After pasting the username as a Teacher, you can log in to Reactored with the username you created and the teacher features will be available to you.

How to navigate inside Reactored

This video shows you how to find things in Reactored. Adjust your settings, create your own content or search through the ready-made materials and start learning.

Create a study group

Create a study group and invitation code for your organisation.

Creating a course

In this video you learn how to create a new course, copy ready-made materials inside and hot to share it with your study groups.

Create a new study set

In this video you learn how to create a new study set and what kind of task types Reactored has.

Study item generator

Auto generate lessons from any piece of textual content, a vocabulary list or a list of phrases.

Creating an exam

You can create digital exams from any study set you’ve created with just a few clicks. Change the scoring adjust the tasks, publish the exam for the students and you’re ready to go. 

Reviewing of the exams 

Reactored grades the exams automatically, with the unique learning evaluation feature teachers can save over 70% of the time spent in reviewing of exams.

Assessment tool

Reactored monitors students learning results automatically. Teachers can easily review the results in a group level or as well in the individual level.

Student guide – How Reactored works for students

In this video you’ll learn how Reactored looks and feels like for the students when they start to use Reactored. Feel free to share this for your study group when you start your course in Reactored.

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