Sanako Lab 100

Reliable physical language lab that works in demanding conditions and Offline

Works without dedicated computer classroom

No internet connection needed to run this language lab

All students in the class can speak simultaneously without distracting each other

What unique benefits does Lab 100 bring to our customers?

Works especially well for demanding conditions where efficiency is needed; Lab 100 is used globally by schools but also by ministries of defence, armies and police academies.

Scalable system can accommodate up to 60 students and is very attractive alternative economically to a full computer classroom for language teaching.

Lab 100 is the perfect tool for geographic areas where internet connection is weaker or slow.

This language lab allows more speaking practice opportunities for students and they need not to feel embarrassed when they made mistakes, instead they can practice it again until they’re confident with the result. The solution also makes it easier for teachers to monitor student’s learning without interruption.

– Ajarn Ae, English teacher from Army Training Command Department, Thailand

How does Sanako Lab 100 work?

Teacher's media unit

You will only need one computer for the teacher.

Student's audio panels

Students are equipped with digital recorder units that are easy to operate.


Ready-made teaching activities

Teachers simply select the activity they want to begin – saving time and increasing efficiency.

Click below to see the language teaching activities that are available in Lab 100

Interested to buy Sanako Lab 100 language lab?

Sanako Lab 100 is the market-leading hardware-based language lab for language departments, language training centers, high schools, and universities. Contact us for a quotation.






Lab 100


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