CUSTOMER STORIES: Sanako Pronounce delivered to 697 000 students in India

Sanako and Indiannica Learning Private Limited partnered up to deliver 697 000 Sanako Pronounce systems to schools in India. Sanako Pronounce is already used by over 2.5 million students worldwide!

Sanako, the global leader in developing teacher-led language teaching software for schools and universities, has established a partnership with Indiannica Learning Private Limited (formerly known as Encyclopædia Britannica Private Limited). The collaboration includes a deal for 697 000 Pronounce systems to schools in India.

The software solution, Sanako Pronounce, combines the latest text-to-speech technology with voice recognition, creating a powerful tool for language learning. One can listen to authentic speech models, record his/her own voice for comparison and receive immediate feedback – all within the same simple software application. The solution has been eagerly adopted as a part of modern language teaching and learning around the world.


Sanako Pronounce has already reached over 2.5 million users worldwide

Pronounce tackles one of the most difficult areas in learning new languages – pronunciation and intonation. This is usually the part that is the hardest to practice and perfect but at the same time it is one of the most valuable skills in foreign language learning.

“We at Sanako are thrilled that Pronounce has been so well-received. We are always looking for new and exciting ways to enhance language learning and are very happy with the success of Sanako Pronounce.”

Pronounce product range includes Pronounce for Windows desktop computers and Pronounce Live for online use. It allows users to easily transform any text material (copy-pasted from the internet or news articles for example) into spoken audio for pronunciation and speech practice. With automated checking the student gets immediate feedback on her pronunciation and knows exactly what to improve.

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Sanako is a Finnish educational technology company helping people to teach and learn languages. We are the global leader in developing teacher-led language teaching software and language labs for the educational sector. We have worked closely with our customers for over 60 years towards a single goal: to enable better comprehension, speaking and communication skills for language learners.


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