2. Using Pronounce Live

Pronounce Live


Pronounce Live helps students to improve their pronunciation and speaking skills with the help of a text-to-speech pronunciation model. Learners of all levels will benefit from the chance to receive immediate and detailed feedback.


How do I log in?

Open Google Chrome and go to the Pronounce Live Web site.


Note: Pronounce Live requires the Google Chrome browser!

If your school or university already has an account, click Login at the top right corner and enter your user name and password.

If you do not have an account yet, you need to purchase a subscription to use the solution. You can contact us here.


How to practice?

Paste or type text into the text field and select a language, or open an exercise.

Open exercise

For the text you have typed or copied, you can click the gear icon on the left to save it as an exercise on Pronounce Live.

Save exercise

You can:

Listen to the model pronunciation by a text-to-speech voice.

Repeat after the model. The recording will stop automatically after a short time, but you can also click the button again to stop.

Replay to listen to your own pronunciation and compare with the original.

After each recording you can see your score, what the application heard you say and results for individual words.


When you are satisfied with your result you can move on to the next phrase.

Resetting your password

If you have lost your Pronounce Live password, you can easily reset it through a link on the Login page. Just follow the instructions below.

Go to https://www.pronouncelive.com/ and click Login in the upper right corner.


Click the Forgot password link.

Forgot password

Enter your email address to the form in all lower case letters and click Send Password Reset Link. You will next receive a password reset email to your email address.

Click the Reset Password link in the email. This will take you to the following page where you can enter a new password for yourself.

Reset password

Enter your email address again using lower case lettersEnter and then re-enter a new password and click Reset Password to confirm the changes.

After this your password has been reset and you can login with your new information. Please note that you are not logged in automatically after resetting the password, but need to click the Login button.


Score, History and Report

Score: After each recording you can see your score, what the application heard you say and results for individual words.

cuantos hoy

The colors below the phrase numbers also indicate your best result for each one.

Result history: Click the chart icon on the lower right corner to view the results history for the active phrase.

result history

Report: Click the Report button to open a results history for the entire exercise. You can also save or print the exercise report for record keeping.

Types of users inside Pronounce Live

Individual Users are users who have a subscription to Pronounce Live and are not in a school group.

Pronounce Live groups include two different user roles:

Editors are users in a group who are able to manage the group information, user accounts and exercises. 

Basic Users are users in a group who are able to practice with Pronounce Live, either with their own material or with the shared Group exercises, but are not able to edit group information or exercises.

Different types of users will have different features available in Pronounce Live as following:

  Editors  Basic Users Individual Users
Copy or type in text
Open and save personal exercises
Open group exercises  
Create and manage group exercises    
Practice with Pronounce Live
Manage group settings    
Edit user roles    
Create and remove users    

Pronounce Live Group edition

Pronounce Live Group edition offers schools and other user groups additional features for sharing exercises and user management. These features make it easy to use Pronounce Live to complement the language curriculum in schools. Students will be able to complete pronunciation exercises on any topic to support classroom learning and to perfect their spoken skills.

Logging in and viewing group info

During the purchasing process you will have been sent your original login details to the system via an email. If you are unsure of this login then please contact info@sanako.com and we will gladly send you your login details.

Browse to www.pronouncelive.com and click the Login icon. Enter the original login email and password that you received from Sanako.

You will then see the login screen, part of which is shown below. Enter the original login email and password that you received from Sanako.

Click on the drop-down menu next to your name in the top right part of the application. Select Group Settings from the menu.

Group settings

This allows you to see the group name, number of licenses, group license token and the users who have joined the group. Your group name will have already been entered by Sanako but you can change this at any time.

The license information is also shown. This shows the total number of available and used licenses along with the expiry date of your subscription.

The group token is used by students when registering to join the group.

You may decide to regenerate the token at the end of say an academic year, semester or course. This will prevent any users from joining the group with the old token.

Inviting others to join the group

You can invite other users to your Pronounce Live group by sending them an email invitation. This is done under the Group Settings in Pronounce Live.

The function for inviting other users to your group is under the group token information. Click the down arrow.

You can type in the email addresses of the students you want to join the group. Click Send Invitation and an automated email will be sent to each listed email address with the joining instructions.

addresses for the students

When students browse to the web page they click Register.

They are then prompted to enter the group token first and then their personal details as shown below.

create an account

Changing user role between Basic User and Editor

All new members of a group join as a Basic User. If you want to promote any user to that of an Editor then this will allow them to create and share exercises to the whole group. This is recommended for fellow teaching staff only. To change the role via the Group Settings option click Change Role for that user.

You will then be asked to confirm this action as shown below.

Creating and managing exercises as an Editor

You can create your own exercises on any topic you like and make them available to everyone in your group.

Open the Pronounce Live menu and select Exercises.


You can create new exercises at the bottom of the exercises list under Create new exercise.

Create a new exercise

Fill in the exercise information and content.

For the content, you can type in or copy and paste the exercise text. A full stop followed by a capital letter is used to indicate a new pronunciation item/sentence. (ex. a pronunciation exercise with individual words would look like this: Dog. Cat. Mouse. etc.)

Click Save new exercise. The created exercise is then available for everyone in your group in the Group Exercises list at next login.

As an editor, you can Edit or Delete exercises belonging to the group.