1. What is Pronounce Live

Sanako Pronounce Live was an online language learning solution for pronunciation practice with no installations or downloads needed. With Sanako Pronounce Live your students could listen to authentic speech models read any text or words that you have selected, record their own voice for comparison and then receive immediate feedback.


Important update! Since 2023, Pronounce Live product has been integrated into our cloud-based language teaching platform – Sanako Connect

Sanako Connect web-application was updated in early 2023, and we now have a similar feature available inside Sanako Connect. This means that we are sunsetting the Pronounce Live product as a stand-alone product at the end of 2023. We do not take any new orders for the Pronounce Live product anymore and we recommend all new and old customers to start using Sanako Connect instead. The Pronunciation task type in Sanako Connect works exactly like the old Pronounce Live did!

If you would like learn more about how the new Pronounce Live -like feature works inside Sanako Connect, please see more details here: Automated Pronunciation Grading.