1. What is Reactored

Reactored is a digital language teaching platform where students can complete full language courses composed by their teachers. It resembles the loved Duolingo solution but with the big difference that teachers and schools are able to modify the ready-made content, or create their own content from scratch, so it matches their requirements and curriculum perfectly.

Reactored platform also makes the learning process flexible and individualized, with a unique approach that enables students to choose their own learning mode. Reactored also ensures that the progress takes place both inside and outside of the school environment.

Reactored takes advantage of various types of sensory input and thus always leads you to the right answer. This way, one can concentrate on the actual learning rather than on searching for suitable grammatical forms.

The product is a versatile platform that supports multiple languages. Reactored’s mission is to help people to provide the best quality language education with minimal effort. Packed with unique features that are tested and proven by the Finnish educational system.

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