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Sanako’s language lab products are used by language educators in 114 countries and +50.000 classrooms. Are you interested to purchase a language lab for your school but are not sure about the costs?

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Finnish educational technology, now used in 114 countries and +50.000 classrooms

Sanako Language Lab offers English and Foreign language students more opportunities to learn new language skills and improve their communication skills. Our language labs enable language teachers to monitor their students’ progress, manage their language classes better, and to launch a wide range of different effective language learning activities with a click of a button.


What is the price of a digital language lab solution?

At Sanako, we have developed language lab products that take into account your specific teaching and learning needs, your preferred teaching mode (face-to-face, distance and hybrid) and your school’s existing IT/computer infrastructure. We also offer modern cloud-hosted solutions that you can use with any device and any operating system – there are no installations needed and no apps to download! All of these factors as well as the amount of students enrolled in your language courses affect the pricing, but don’t worry it is not as complicated as it sounds! We are more than happy to send a tailored price quotation that matches exactly your needs! Just contact us using the contact form on this page and we will walk you through the different options and create a tailored pricing quotation for your school or university!

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