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Classroom-based language lab software for efficient language teaching for schools and universities.

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The new Sanako Study Version 10!

Discover the new Version 10 and experience its new features:

– modernized look of our platform for a better user experience

– video pairing activity now allows unlimited amount of student to take part in live video conversation to enhance their communicative skills and master their target language

– teachers can add a timer to any activity for live exams or just to make sure things progress during a lesson

What is Sanako Study?

Sanako Study is the most popular and widely used language lab software in schools, high schools, colleges and universities around the world. Sanako Study is used today in more than 30.000 classrooms by prestigious and top educational brands like the California State University in the USA, University of Leeds in the UK, and thousands of other schools and universities.

Sanako Study is a Windows-application that is installed into Windows PCs, laptops or tablets and it transforms your normal classroom into an advanced language lab. It helps language teachers to manage language classes more efficiently and keep students focused on their language learning tasks.

Have full control over your language class and launch learning activities with just a few clicks

Engaged language learners – Improved results!

Sanako Study engages your students to actively participate in language learning exercises and encourages them to practice more during classes than is currently possible in a traditional classroom environment.

Sanako Study on the student UI showing the control panel UI where a track is playing. An gapfill exercise at the back.

Optimize your teaching time!

Sanako Study has full classroom management features and file management tools that helps you to optimize your teaching time and control what each of your students is doing.

Lots of predefined language learning activities!

Sanako Study is the market-leading language lab software and probably the most advanced product in this product category. It includes the widest selection of useful and effective language learning activities.

Portion of the Interface for Sanako Study showing the activity selection dropdown and its surroundings

How can Sanako Study improve your second language learning programs?

Improves your students’ speaking and pronunciation skills!

Sanako Study is focused on interactive and oral language lessons, therefore improving even the most difficult parts of language learning, like pronunciation and intonation, with model imitation and a wide array of discussion activities.

Get students to talk more!

Sanako Study increases the time each student spends in active learning. Our customers have reported over 10X improvement on the Student-Talking-Time ratio per language class.

Transforms passive lessons into active speaking based lessons
The purpose of Sanako Study language lab software is to involve students to actively participate in language learning exercises and get more practice time than otherwise would be possible in a traditional classroom environment.

Increases students grades and fluency
Our customers have reported that they have been able to increase their students’ results up to +30% after starting to use Sanako Study in their second language teaching programs.

Individualized learning experience for learners
Using individualized teaching will improve students learning results and motivation. Sanako Study makes this easy as you can divide students into groups or pairs and assign individualized tasks for all students. Creating personalized study paths and language lesson plans has never been this easy!

Makes administering speaking and listening exams easy
With Sanako Study’s predefined activity workflows it is easy and fast to launch speaking and listening assignments for individual students, student groups or for the whole class simultaneously. You can simulate the speaking and listening portions of live exams such as AP® testing for World Languages, TOEFL, IELTS, and more.

What do real language teachers say about Sanako Study?

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Other customer success stories

“Students are able to learn more and language teachers can do more with the students. Sanako Study helps teachers to manage language classes more effectively, and students’ results have improved by 30%, for example, individual results may have improved by an entire grade.”

English Teacher / State High school Geschwister Scholl, Saalfeld, Germany
Sanako language lab software used in University of East Anglia in the UK

“Sanako products are vital for maintaining the quality of teaching and the quality of student experience on our language courses. They also offer students an unrivalled opportunity to use professional-level software.”

Dr. Sharon Black / Lecturer in Interpreting (with Spanish) at the University of East Anglia, United Kingdom

“We chose Sanako Study because we were looking to create a communicative learning environment which was student-centered. The Study software allows instructors and students to seamlessly move from one activity to another. It also allows instructors to record and save students’ written work, audio responses and conversations.”

Raymond Cepko / Language Lab Specialist at the University of Tampa, United States
Sanako Study 1200 at Nord-Østerdal Videregående Skole Norway

“We have 10 language teachers who are currently using Sanako Study language lab on a weekly basis. We are very pleased both with the broad functionality, the performance and stability and the quality of support when needed.”

Jan Karstensen / Nord-Østerdal videregående School, Norway

“We have found the Sanako Study language teaching software an essential boost to our student’s speaking and listening skills, enabling them to develop these in a more varied and autonomous way.”

Dr. Rachel Hawkes / Assistant Principal, Comberton Village College, United Kingdom

Interested to buy Sanako Study for your school or university?

Sanako Study is a professional language lab software for language teachers, language departments, high schools, and universities. Contact us for a quotation and product demonstration.

With the new Version 10 out now, Sanako Study is better than ever!

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