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What is Sanako Connect?

Sanako Connect transforms second language teaching for language educators (World languages, MFL, ESL, EFL) by offering a dedicated web-based platform tailored specifically to the needs of language teachers in schools and universities. Unlike most solutions, Sanako Connect prioritizes the development of students’ speaking, pronunciation, and listening skills, providing a comprehensive suite of tools and activities designed to address these critical areas.

With features such as simultaneous whole-class speaking and listening assignments, engaging live pair/group discussion and role-play activities, automated pronunciation grading, and seamless student recording and feedback capabilities, Sanako Connect empowers you to efficiently guide your students toward fluency.

As a teacher-led platform, Sanako Connect ensures that you as a teacher are always in control of your language classes in any teaching mode, being it in the classroom, remotely, live or asynchronously – making it the ultimate solution for professional language educators seeking to elevate language instruction to new heights.

Sanako Connect’s speaking,
pronunciation and listening activities develop students’ fluency and confidence using their target language

Live Group and Pair Discussions

Set up groups and pairs for live discussion activities and role plays to increase students’ speaking practice time. As a teacher you can easily monitor each group and collect individual group recordings for review and feedback.

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Individual Students’ Recordings and Reflection

Make your teaching time more efficient by performing whole class simultaneous speaking assessments and collect all individual students’ recordings automatically. Students can reflect by listening to their own recordings.

Automated Pronunciation Grading

Help your students to master speaking and pronunciation in their target language by listening and repeating native-like speech models. The system provides automatic feedback and scoring (supports most modern languages).

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Practice or Administer Speaking and Listening Exams

Launch teacher-controlled live exams with just a few clicks! It’s great also for practicing for high-stakes exams like the World Languages AP® Exams and IELTS.

Interactive Speaking Tasks Using Any Video or Audio

Create interactive tasks using any existing video or audio file and have your students to record their speech along the original. Great for interviews, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting training, or spontaneous speaking practice.

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Why this is the perfect language teaching software for schools and universities?

Saves and Optimizes Teachers’ Time
Sanako Connect is a real time saver for language educators. If you are using different apps and tools like Quizlet for vocabulary tests and flashcards, Kahoot for multiple choice questions and Audacity or Vocaroo for collecting students’ recordings, you will love Sanako Connect as it lets you to do all those things in one software tool.

Hassle-free for Your School IT
Sanako Connect is easy to manage and hassle-free for the school IT department because it’s a scalable browser-based solution with concurrent user licensing. Usable at a class level, at a teacher level, at a school level, or even at a district level. You can start with one class and scale it when more teachers adopt the system in their classes.

Accessible from Any Device
Sanako Connect is accessible from anywhere using any combination of devices and operating systems (Windows, Mac, Chrome), including laptops, Chromebooks, tablets and smartphones. It’s super fast to use because your students do not need any login details as they join via a unique web-link or QR code. All your lesson files and materials are stored in a secure AWS cloud-based system with separate data locations for USA and Europe.

Teach Any Language
Sanako Connect can be used to teach any language and we support right-to-left and left-to-right writing systems. You can import your existing lesson materials or use the in-built content authoring tools to create interactive video tasks, speaking assessments, vocabulary tests, flashcard decks, listening comprehension, multiple choice questions, model imitation, gap-fill exercises and much more.

Increase Speaking Time
Sanako Connect helps you and your students to work on the most difficult parts of language learning process: intonation, speaking and pronunciation skills. With Sanako Connect you can increase your students’ speaking practice time up to 10X to what you can achieve with traditional teaching methods.

Sanako Connect’s best features for language educators at a glance:

Live video and audio conversations and screen sharing

Set up students into pairs or groups for live discussion and role play activities

Perform whole class simultaneous speaking assessments

Self-marking exercises including gap-fill, translation tasks, flashcards, and multiple choice

Manage all your teaching resources, files, exercises, classes, students’ submissions and feedback in one platform

Launch quick live activities with automated students’ response collection such as group and pair discussion, listening comprehension, speaking practice, and image description

Create unlimited amount of classes to differentiate student groups and exercise access

Use your existing lesson resources or create exercises using Sanako Connect’s content authoring tools

Provide instant feedback to students both textually, orally or in live one-to-one video calls

Teachers within an organization can share exercises to reduce workload

Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting training with any video or audio file using two-track recorder

Voice insert feature allows students to create gaps for their recordings in any video and audio file

Provide exact feedback for students’ pronunciation with time-coded text and voice feedback

Live and asynchronous modes of operation in one easy to use tool

Teachers can record videos to be used as study resources or as a part of an asynchronous speaking or listening activity

Your students join the lessons by scanning a QR code or clicking unique lesson link

Quick lesson setup for teachers with just three steps: Create, Assign, Review

Students can also use their mobile phones to complete assignments  

Embed YouTube videos or your own audio and video files as study resources

Control student activity in restricted Examination Mode

Native-like speech models in most modern languages and automated pronunciation grading

Ready made workflow for World Languages AP® Exam practice

Secure cloud-platform that keeps students’ data safe and is FERPA, COPPA and GDPR compliant

Works on any device and operating system requiring only internet access to operate

What do real language teachers say about Sanako Connect?

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Other customer success stories

Photo of Florian Busch

“This tool is really extraordinary. So helpful for us. THANK YOU for helping us.”

Florian Busch / French teacher from a grammar school in Dresden, Germany

“I really like the product! I’ve used Sanako solutions in our school’s language lab and now online as well. I find the different possibilities for creating exercises very useful.”

Susanne Renette / English instructor from Koblenz, Germany
The University of Rzeszów logo

“Classes can now be either synchronous – we can talk to all the students in real-time using a microphone or on a global chat, or to individual students via a microphone or a direct message – or asynchronous allowing students to practice at their own pace and submit their work for a teacher to check.”

Dr. Marta Nowacka / Assistant Professor in the College of Humanities, The University of Rzeszów, Poland
Photo of Yrama Lander Lopez

“We now can supervise student activities better; both when students are working together and while learning alone. Using the Sanako Connect platform also enables our teachers to optimize the time spent in class with students. And it allows us to engage more students than is possible in a normal classroom.”

Yrama Lander Lopez / Language instructor, The Mediazione Linguistica Perugia, Italy
Monmouth Comprehensive School logo

“We remain delighted in using Sanako’s software as the positive impact on progress and student confidence is clear.”

Jill Snook / Faculty Leader for International Languages, Monmouth Comprehensive School, UK
Beth Wrobel photo

“The discussion activity in Sanako products is always a succes! Classes that use the discussion activity always love it. Students can relax as they apeak to their classmate in private using the target language. Sometimes they can’t stop talking!”

Beth Wrobel / Language Laboratory Coordinator, Oakton Community College, USA
Altoona Area High School District logo

“We are extremely happy with the service and support Sanako has given us. They have never disappointed us trough our years of service with them.”

Karen Dixon / Multimedia Lab Coordinator, Altoona Area High School District, USA
Photo of Zoe Brill Diderich

“This is a tremendously valuable tool to track the students’ progress, but also to provide a secure method of assessment, either on site or online. Additionally, if working online, the students have the ability to work in either synchronous or asynchronous mode making it extremely flexible for the busy tutor and student.”

Zoé Brill Diderich / Lecturer in Interpreting, University of Westminster, UK

Subscription plans

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License costs are based on your concurrent user amount (how many students can be online at the same time) and the length of the subscription. Minimum is 15 concurrent users and 12 month subscription length.

Available concurrent user packages: starting from 15 concurrent student users up to unlimited users.

Available subscription lengths: 12 month, 3 year or 5 year contract (Save money by choosing a 3 or 5 year contract!)

Ready to get all the details? Contact us to request a demo and receive an exact pricing quotation for your school or university!

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Sanako Connect is a web-based language teaching hub that combines the best parts of virtual classroom solutions, language labs, and language teaching apps into one ultimate language teaching platform. It’s designed for professional language teachers, language departments, schools, and universities.

Explore Popular Features in Sanako Connect

Teach Vocabulary with Flashcards

Digital Flashcards help your students to memorize vocabulary and practice for exams.

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World Languages AP® Exam Practice

Ready-made workflow to simulate real AP® Exam with automated recording collection.

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Interactive Audio and Video Tasks

Create interactive tasks using any existing video or audio file and have your students to record their speech along the original.

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Live and Asynchronous Teaching

Within Sanako Connect, you have all teaching modes available in one software tool.

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Live Group Discussion and Role-Play

Add students to pairs or groups based on ability or shuffle random groups to practice live discussion and role-plays.

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Automated Pronunciation Grading

Students listen to authentic speech models, record their own voice for comparison and receive immediate feedback and scoring.

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