How to buy Sanako solutions? Contact your local Sanako reseller

This post describes how to buy Sanako solutions and how Sanako’s global network of partners and resellers work to support our customers worldwide. It also outlines how customers can work with their local partner to get the ideal language teaching solution for their institution.

If you are interested in Sanako products, follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose your product: Take an overview of our products and their benefits
  2. Understand product fit: You can request a remote demo if needed
  3. Contact local reseller: You will get quotation and answers for all your open questions
  4. Place order: Your institution places the order
  5. Start teaching: You will receive your product licenses and product training
  6. Ongoing support: Your local reseller is your main point of contact in all support needs and training demands

How our local Sanako resellers operate and where to find them is explained in more detail below.


Find your local Sanako reseller

When you’re ready to place an order with Sanako, the best person to contact is your local Sanako reseller. The easiest way to find them is to visit the dedicated resellers page on our website. Simply choose your country and a list of Sanako’s approved resellers will be displayed. Select the reseller who operates in your country, region or state and use the contact information provided to reach out to them directly. Your local reseller will then work with you to get your order confirmed. They can also help you with all your training and installation needs in your native language!

If we don’t have a reseller appointed for your geography, then please contact us directly and we’ll work out the best way to handle your enquiry. Please email Juho Isola, our CEO at in this instance or fill in the contact form here.


Tried and trusted partners

This webpage contains the definitive list of Sanako’s approved resellers globally. Resellers appearing on this list are our preferred partners globally and have been through a comprehensive vetting process to join this industry-leading scheme. Only the very best make it and so do let us know if you’ve been contacted by someone claiming to be a Sanako reseller, who’s not on this list. (Please email Juho Isola, our CEO at


Local Sanako technology experts

Our partners and resellers are our experts in their territory and act as our local representative wherever you are. Sanako delivers language teaching solutions in over 100 countries and uses our reseller network to understand the local context, language, and key educational priorities. Our resellers are also close by to help you with any installations, training needs or deliveries that might be required by your institution.


Ongoing customer service in local language

Sometimes things go wrong and when they do, our resellers will be on hand to help and support you. They’re also always available to answer any questions you might have and can share case studies of how other local institutions have deployed our educational technologies. Many of them organize local teacher community events and can arrange for you to visit another customer school to see how they use Sanako language teaching solutions to support their students’ language learning.

Delivering customer service excellence is one of the key criteria we look at when selecting partners and resellers. To be successful, they must demonstrate genuine passion for delivering customer success as well as having a clear commitment to delivering high-quality customer training and onboarding. Many provide extensive online FAQs for quick troubleshooting and all provide training sessions or host extensive libraries of support material in addition to Sanako’s global product help pages you can find from Sanako’s webpage.


Bespoke technology solutions for professional language educators

With over 60 years experience in the language teaching sector, Sanako and its partners well understand that all education settings are different. No two schools are the same and no two universities will want exactly the same language teaching system set-up. Our local resellers are expert in understanding your specific needs and requirements and developing tailored installations that meet them precisely. 


Contact your local Sanako reseller today to see how Sanako’s range of language teaching software could transform language teaching in your institution. Search for your local reseller here or contact us directly by clicking here.

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