How did Sanako support language teaching and learning during the pandemic in Italy?

Picture of an italian language teacher using Sanako Connect

The Mediazione Linguistica Perugia (SSML) was founded in 1976 and has been training translators and interpreters for over 40 years. It now offers equivalent qualifications to university degrees and provides a wide range of professional opportunities that help fast-track their graduates into employment. SSML currently has more than 50 educators and almost 400 students. They have been a long-time Sanako customer and since the Covid-pandemic we have also been supporting them to teach and learn languages online.


Professional language teaching with Sanako solutions

Learners have easy access to SSML’s state-of-the-art language and computer labs, which are well equipped with industry-leading software and equipment. This enables language educators to ensure that their students can learn in a highly focused learning environment, structured around consecutive and simultaneous translation and interpretation lessons. 

SSML has relied on Sanako language teaching systems for many years and has a close working relationship with the business and Nordra, Sanako’s local partner company and integrator. Yrama Lander Lopez, the lecturer in charge of the language laboratories, believes that this gives SSML huge benefit.

“Sanako and Nordra really know and understand the specific needs of our institution, our students and how we use specialist platforms for interpretation and translation.”

The institution uses Sanako’s Connect, Lab 100 and Study 1200 products, providing a powerful combination of online and offline teaching mechanics. They enable SSML to deliver audio comprehension and production, but Sanako also provides a platform for written work and to enable the online evaluation of all students.


The shift to remote teaching

Lopez also highlighted how these Sanako products, particularly Sanako Connect, have been really valuable during the Covid-19 pandemic as educators needed to rely on students using their own devices for distance learning. She commented:

“It is vital that we are able to count on tools that allow us to maintain the quality of our teaching, both when working face-to-face and when teaching from distance. It is also important that we have platforms that are innovative, easy to use, accessible from different devices, up to date and that offer good and reliable technical support.”

The shift to remote and distance learning has seen SSML recently start using Sanako Connect. Following local onboarding and teacher training by Nordra, the system has been extensively tested and used by teachers. Feedback has been highly enthusiastic with educators identifying how Connect’s functionality (e.g digital voice recording) could expand their teaching repertoire.

Mrs. Lopez added that:

“We now have more chances to supervise student activities; both when students are working together and while learning alone. Using the Connect platform for autonomous learning also enables educators to optimize the time spent in class with students. And it allows us to engage more students than is possible in a normal classroom.”


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