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Language lab software for efficient language teaching

Portion of the Interface for Sanako Study showing the activity selection dropdown and its surroundings

Launch any file, exercise, or language learning activity for your students with just a few clicks

Activity-based learning method stimulates your students to learn languages by doing

Sanako Study on the student UI showing the control panel UI where a track is playing. An gapfill exercise at the back.
Sanako Study teacher controls showing all the different options

Manage your language classes more effectively and improve your students’ results potentially by 30 %

How Sanako Study can help you to increase teaching efficiency?

Increases the time your students spend speaking and actively learning during classes and this improves their overall performance, motivation and results

Saves you time by allowing you to drag and drop exercises to students and collect them back automatically

Improves even the most difficult parts of language learning, like pronunciation and intonation, with model imitation and a wide array of discussion activities

We have 10 language teachers who are currently using Sanako Study language lab on a weekly basis. We are very pleased both with the broad functionality, the performance and stability and the quality of support when needed.

– Jan Karstensen, from Nord-Østerdal videregående School, Norway

Sanako Offers Study in three versions to fit your school’s needs

Study 1200

Advanced classroom language lab software for efficient language teaching.

Study 700

Classroom management software with basic language lab functionalities.

Study 500

Classroom management software for using class time for what it’s meant for: teaching and learning.

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Sanako Study is a professional language lab software for language teachers, language departments, high schools, and universities. Contact us for a quotation.






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