Sanako Connect

Virtual classroom software designed for language educators

Helps to optimise our teaching time

With Sanako Connect we now can supervise student activities better; both when students are working together and while learning alone. Using the Sanako Connect platform also enables our teachers to optimize the time spent in class with students. And it allows us to engage more students than is possible in a normal classroom.

Yrama Lander Lopez
Language instructor, The Mediazone Linguistica Perugia, Italy


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Connect UI with QR code ready to share to students

Set up language classes in minutes. Teach remotely, in the classroom or in hybrid mode

Real-time teaching and self-paced language learning, finally in one platform

Connect UI with exercise for students ready to be started and teacher streaming her webcam
Sanako Connect Advanced recorder UI with audio and text comments available

Help your students to master speaking and pronunciation skills 

What makes Sanako Connect great for language teachers:

Sanako Connect Teacher side User Interface on Class view

Enables all the benefits from language laboratory and is accessible from anywhere using laptops, Chromebooks or tablets.

No login details needed for the students, students join via a unique link (no data privacy issues).

Collect, review and give feedback for students’ audio recordings and work in real-time or in recording.

Classes can now be either synchronous – we can talk to all the students in real-time using a microphone or on a global chat, or to individual students via a microphone or a direct message – or asynchronous allowing students to practice at their own pace and submit their work for a teacher to check.

– Dr. Marta Nowacka, Assistant Professor in the College of Humanities, The University of Rzeszów

How Sanako Connect helps teachers?


Divide students to pairs or group discussions

Assign role play and discussion activities. Listen in and give feedback in real-time or collect individual group recordings


Create and assign exercises for language learning

Easy way to create exercises for model imitation, gap-fill exercises and much more

Share files, materials and provide feedback

Collect, review and give feedback for students’ work and share all the needed materials on the same platform

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Sanako Connect is a blended teaching platform that combines the best parts of virtual classroom solutions and language labs. Designed for professional language teachers, language departments, high schools, and universities.






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