Why Sanako exists?

We believe there is real power in language skills – it helps people communicate to international audiences, and fosters a more open, trusting societyBeing able to speak, operate, and find information in other languages than just one’s native language opens up a totally new world to individuals.

This is why Sanako is on a mission to enable more freedom and power for individuals and organisations by helping language teachers across the world to teach languages better and more efficiently.

This is how we do it

Blending the high PISA ranked Finnish educational practices and know-how with modern software development, Sanako is a Finnish Education Technology company helping people to teach and learn languages.

We are the pioneer in language labs and language teaching software: we started in 1961 when our first language laboratory (read here: What is a language lab?) was made under the name Tandberg Educational. After that, we have climbed to a market-leading position with customers in over 110 countries and 50,000 classrooms supported with Sanako solutions to help language teachers increase their students’ language skills.

Close relations with our customers, our partners, and our pedagogical approach have made us the global leader in the teacher-led language teaching software market. Today, we keep innovating daily and provide our customers with a full range of language teaching and learning solutions from traditional classroom installations to remote teaching solutions and AI-assisted virtual language teaching platforms.

Our corporate headquarters is in Turku, Finland, and we have a network of over 100 dedicated partners and resellers across the globe. Click here to read more about our story.

What we deliver and
promise to customers?

For Learners

  • Motivational learning experience
  • Improved learning results

For Educators

  • Ease and efficiency in teaching
  • Higher student motivation

For Institutions

  • Higher quality of education
  • More dynamic culture and competitiveness

For Nations

  • Better language skills for future professionals
  • National competitive advantage

Sanako has worked with thousands of schools and we know the challenges world language teachers face on a daily basis. We see the ups and downs and the varied stress levels of the day. Contact us, and we will show you how new technology can make teaching languages more straight-forward and effective.

Juho Isola
CEO of Sanako

[email protected] +358-50-527-9506

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Sanako Headquarters is located in Turku, Finland

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