What is Sanako Connect

Sanako Connect is a browser-based language teaching platform that transforms passive language classes into an active speaking-based environment. Language teachers use Sanako Connect to facilitate live synchronous and also self-paced asynchronous language classes. It is most suitable for professional language educators in high schools, colleges and universities. Sanako Connect can be used to teach any language.

Illustration image of Sanako Connect software tool for language educators - automated pronunciation grading

The idea behind Connect is to provide you with a variety of language teaching tools and options inside one ultimate language teaching platform, combined with the freedom to decide how to use them. You can take your students into a live language lab session, or provide them with speaking-based exercises that they complete on their own, or even combine these approaches –  the choice is yours.

Sanako Connect is a fully web-based software and you don’t need to install it and there are no apps to download either. You and your students just log into the solution using any modern internet browser and using your favourite devices.

Are you new to Sanako Connect and interested to start using it? Head over to our Help articles archive and start learning about the different features available for language educators and their students: https://sanako.com/category/help/connect

Here’s a quick selection of additional resources that help you to learn more about this new language teaching platform for professional language educators:

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