4. Study Instruction Videos and Guides

On this page you’ll find instructional videos and guides for Sanako Study, including a guide for school IT department.

Click here to watch our Youtube playlist on how to use Sanako Study

User manuals and technical documentation:

Sanako Web Recorder tutorial video:
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Sanako has developed a set of tools that allows for fast and easy creation of interactive digital content for language learning. Our tools convert the most common exercise types into interactive content that can then be used inside the SANAKO Study product. The source material for your content can be anything – even printed books. The final product is a fully interactive version of the previously static content.
All Sanako customers can use our web-based content authoring tools for free. This solution can be used for creating new content for the Sanako Study platform.
Access Sanako content authoring tools for free at: https://recorder.sanako.com/ (currently the Web Recorder can only be used with Google Chrome web-browser).