2. Contact Sanako Support

If you don’t have a local Sanako representative in your region (did you already check? If not, check this page), Sanako Support can help you forward. You can reach our support at support@sanako.com. Our Global support can only help you in English so please send us your email in English.


In the support email please specify the following topics to ensure a fast and effective help:

  • – Which Sanako product you are using (if you are not sure, then please visit https://sanako.com/ and see our different products for comparison)
  • – Description of the issue you are facing: What is not working, what are you trying to do, is there an error message shown in the user interface, etc. (be as detailed as possible)
  • – Attach all possible screenshots that demonstrate the issue
  • – If you are using a software product, specify the operating system, device and browser you are using
  • – Your school’s or organisation’s official name and country
  • – Your existing software token, order number, or invoice number (this helps us to locate the right user license faster)

Contact our support via email at support@sanako.com – We aim to reply on all support emails within 24 hours. Our support staff locates in Finland and please also consider the potential timezone difference.

We recommend you also take a look at our tutorials and help materials on the dedicated help-site here: https://sanako.com/help