1. Contact Your Local Sanako Representative

Did you buy Sanako products from a local Sanako reseller representative? Do you hold a support contract with them? In these cases the best and fastest way forward is to contact your local Sanako representative. If you don’t have their contact details you can search for the local Sanako resellers here.

Remember that your local Sanako reseller is able to help you in your local language when Sanako Global Support can only help you in English.

For most of the problems you can find an easy solution by checking our help materials from the help pages. Remember to check if the answer to your question is already available there.


Using the Sanako reseller search

On the Sanako reseller finder page (https://sanako.com/resellers) you can see all our official and authorized reseller partners. The main view lists all resellers on separate pages but you can also quickly search for our resellers’ contact details based on country/location. To do so, just click on the filter button (“Search based on location”) and select the correct country from the dropdown menu as shown in the screenshot below. You can then see the contact details on each “reseller card”.

Using the Sanako reseller search

Please note that we might not have an active reseller partner in your country. If you cannot find a reseller based on your location, then please contact us directly at info@sanako.com or filling a contact form on our website at sanako.com.