Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a separate token for each teacher?

No. Your whole organisation can use the same token to create multiple teacher accounts!

Official devices supported?

  • Google Chromebooks, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Computers

Which browser to use?

  • Chrome is the recommended browser on laptops, Chromebooks and tablets. 
  • For Ipads, Safari is the most suitable browser.

How many languages does Sanako Connect support?

Sanako Connect can be used to teach and learn any language. The user interface is currently available in English only, localization support will be added in the future.

What type of files can I share inside Sanako Connect?

Currently there is no limit to the type of file that Sanako Connect supports to share within the platform. The only limit is that the file size must be under 100Mb. Therefore, one can share mp3, mp4, pdf, pptx, etc. freely. A file can be opened on the browser right away if your browser supports that type. In case a file cannot be opened by the browser, Sanako Connect offers the option of downloading the file to run on your computer. 

Is there a limit to how many users can access a session at the same time?

The limit should correspond with the number of concurrent users fitting to the type of license you purchase. However, if the internet connection is of poor quality, it would affect the running of the session online. 

Do students need to create an account with personal information?

No. Students can access a session simply by using the session link or the QR code their teacher provides. No logging in is required for students.

What is the meaning of ending a session?

Once a session ends, students can no longer access any of the content inside the session. Simultaneously, exercises cannot be submitted either. 

As a teacher, however, you can still revisit an ended session’s content under the Sessions tab when logging into your account. 

When I close my browser or turn off my computer, will my session end?

No, a session can only end when you choose End session deliberately, after which you cannot upload any other materials or create content inside the ended session, students also would not be able to do exercises and view content within the session. 

If you keep the session on when closing the browser or turning off the computer, students can still access content there and submit exercises. You can revisit and edit the content inside the session later. 

Is there a screen sharing function inside Sanako Connect?

Yes, the teacher can share their screen with their students.

Can we have video calls within Sanako Connect?

As a teacher, you are able to share your webcam with your students. Student to students video calls is available when the students are assigned to dedicated groups inside Connect.

Are the group/pair discussions recorded automatically?

Audio is only recorded as part of an exercise currently.

What is the difference between simple and advanced recorder?

The simple recorder allows students to record, the advanced recorder is a two-track recorder which allows the use of a ‘master audio file’ and the Voice Insert function. Note: The Voice Insert function has to be enabled by the student.

How can I listen to the student recordings?

After your students have completed and submitted their exercise, you can listen to their recordings under the ‘Submissions’ tab by clicking on the exercise, and then clicking on the student name.

Where is the data hosted by default?

For customers outside the US, the server is hosted inside the EU on an Amazon AWS server in accordance with GDPR regulations and rules. For USA customers the server is located in the US.