2. Lab 100 Installation

Lab 100 software installation

You will find the Lab 100 software installation files and guides from this link


Other Lab 100 system components

The Sanako Lab 100 center is comprised of the following components: the Graphical User Interface (GUI) on the teacher PC, Program Source Interface (PSI), Media Storage Unit (MSU), System Connection Unit (SCU), and the User Audio Panels (UAP).

Graphical User Interface

Lab 100

The Sanako Lab 100 software provides the Graphical User Interface (GUI) at the teacher PC’s monitor. The Sanako Lab 100 GUI is the teacher workspace that displays the classroom layout. On the GUI, with a few mouse clicks you create sessions, where your students proceed with different activities.


Program Source Interface


The Program Source Interface (PSI) allows the connection of any external audio source through its input jack. These sources can be connected to the students.


Media Storage Unit

The Media Storage Unit (MSU) is the location where all the master and student recordings are saved. It is a separate digital unit that holds the audio files you want to access in the center. Media files can be copied to the Media Storage Unit from your computer. The recording capacity per student is up to 99 minutes and for the source files 120/240 hours.


System Connection Unit

The System Connection Unit (SCU) is the interface between the Media Storage Unit and students, as well as audio sources and your computer. It makes sure the audio connection between you and the students and/or audio source is successfully established.


User Audio Panel

The User Audio Panel (UAP) is the student user interface, located on each student’s desk. It is also part of your Sanako Lab 100 user interface. On the Audio Panel are controls for working with the audio source, adjusting the volume, setting or removing bookmarks, and answering test questions.