2. Study Installation

There are three main components of Sanako Study Installation: Study Server, Study Tutor and Study Student. We recommend that these components are installed in the following order:

1. Sanako Study Server software (on tutor or server computer)

2. Sanako Study Tutor software (on tutor computer)

3. Sanako Study Student software (on student computers)

You will find all the installation files from this link.



The Study Server application is the information center of the Sanako Study system and both the Tutor and Student components automatically connect to it. All system data is passed through the Study Server and it allows communication between the Tutor and Student components. We recommend using classroom-specific server computers, commonly the teacher computer in each class, with individual classroom names.

However, you may also use a shared license server for multiple classrooms. Please note that in this case the shared license server must be running in order to use any of the classrooms.



Teachers use the Study Tutor application, which is the main interface to the Study system. The Tutor application allows teachers to instruct with the Study system and to control the classroom computers.



The Study Student application is installed onto all student computers. Study Student connects to Study Server at system startup and runs in the background listening for commands from Study Tutor. Students can open the student interface to work independently, however, teachers are able to control student computers, regardless of whether the Student application is visible on student screens or not.


Note: All Windows updates must be installed for your operating system in order to ensure that the Study will run properly. It is also strongly suggested that Managed DirectX components are installed as an additional prerequisite.

For detailed system requirements, installation instructions and configuration information, please refer to this page: https://software.sanako.com/study/