Using Sanako Pronounce in Editor Mode

Sanako Pronounce allows you to create a “Listen and Repeat” exercise from a simple set of words or phrases. The Editor mode is used to create these engaging exercises from text alone. If you have the text ready, then you can create a fully interactive multimedia pronunciation exercise in minutes.

STEP 1 – OPEN the Editor

When Sanako Pronounce opens it does so in the Practice Mode so to start creating your own exercise click on the EDITOR tab.

STEP 2 – Locate or create your source text

In order to create your exercise there are three common methods.

  1. Type in the Editor window
  2. Copy and Paste from an existing document
  3. Copy and Paste from an web page

The latter two methods can be achieved using any of the standard Windows methods for Copying and Pasting text along with the icons in the Editor window and the Edit – Paste menu option. Sanako Pronounce will support all UNICODE characters along with any of the language character support you may have installed to your PC for multiple languages such as French, German, and Spanish etc. This is essential in order to ensure that the voices heard by the students are as authentic as they should be – if the word should have a special character or accent then it must be used. An example of an added text is shown below.

STEP 3 – Consider how to break the text into sentences or phrases

The software will take the text and create a set of phrases and sentences based on the following logic.

  • When it “sees” a full stop “.” it will separate the text into a single phrase at this point.
  • If the text contains more than 40* characters without a full stop then it will look for “,;:” type characters to create the separate phrases. If however, this process would result in any phrase with less than 10* characters it will leave the phrase as is until the full stop.

You may consider taking the following action to the original text. Simply add a line break to create the phrases you want as shown below.

You can then select the “Split text using line breaks only” option and effectively decide exactly where you want the breaks to be.

You can always toggle between the PRACTICE and EDITOR mode until you are happy.

Before saving, you may wish to tick the “Select qualities” option and select the required culture, gender and age options as shown below.

The result of saving with these options is that when your students open your saved exercise in Practice mode the Windows Operating System will look at the Text-To-Speech (TTS) voices available to it and where possible it will select the most appropriate.

STEP 4 – Save your work as an Exercise template

Select File – Save – Exercise template

Enter the file name for your exercise and then click Save.