How can combining pedagogy and technology transform language teaching?

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In this webinar, we’ll hear how Finnish language teachers combine a world-leading pedagogical approach with advanced technology to help students learn a wide range of international languages.

This live Webinar was organised on 26th November 2020, but you can watch the full webinar recording for free below or from Sanako’s Youtube channel by clicking here.

We usually have an expert as a co-host or as a keynote speaker in our webinars. These experts have an extensive focus on pedagogical methods and/or decades of experience from language education or related research field. The keynote speaker in this first webinar was Heini Syyrilä, a well-known language teacher from Finland who won the National Language Teacher award in 2017.What did we cover in this webinar?

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This highly interactive session helps school leaders to:

  • Discover how practical Finnish classroom approaches could transform your institution’s language learning performance
  • See how cloud-based technologies can enhance language teaching and save your institution time and money
  • Learn how Finnish experts support teachers’ use of technology, helping them develop their own innovative pedagogies.
  • Understand how your educators could deliver more effective and engaging language teaching in class and online


Keynote speaker

Heini Syyrilä teaches German and Swedish at primary, secondary and upper secondary school in Hattula, Finland.  She was named National Language Teacher of the Year in 2017; is also the Head of Pedagogy at an EdTech company and the author of several textbooks. She also runs her own training company for language teachers to use digital teaching tools more confidently and effectively.