1. What is Sanako Pronounce

Sanako Pronounce is an easy software solution for improving oral skills in English and in Foreign languages. It is simple, straightforward and immediately usable for pronunciation and speech practice. Pronounce can be used as a stand-alone solution for pronunciation practice or in a classroom environment where the teacher is able to manage, follow and evaluate student work.

This solution is very easy to use as students have only three steps to follow: 1) first they listen to the authentic model sentence, 2) they repeat saying what they hear, and 3) they get a score and can listen back to their own recording.

There are three different applications in the Sanako Pronounce family:

Sanako Pronounce
Improve your students’ oral skills in a foreign language class with the help of text-to-speech technology and voice recognition.

Sanako Pronounce with Editor
Practice pronunciation with identical tools as in Pronounce with additional features that allow you to create your own custom exercises by just copy-pasting text which is then automatically transformed to spoken audio.

Sanako Pronounce Manager
Manage a Pronounce classroom, assign exercises and collect student work. This product version is meant for a live teacher-led language instruction.


New feature available in our cloud-based language teaching platform – Pronunciation tasks with automated pronunciation grading!

We are happy to announce that since early 2023, we have launched the Pronounce feature inside our newest web-based product, Sanako Connect. This means that the Pronounce feature is now available as a separate task/feature inside this complete language teaching hub in addition to the original stand-alone product. If you would like learn more about this new update, please see more details here: Automated Pronunciation Grading.

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