What are the benefits of cloud-based language teaching solutions?

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This blog post specifically focuses on the benefits for schools, students and teachers of using cloud-based language teaching solutions, highlighting why our leading cloud product Sanako Connect has been adopted by teachers in many countries globally.


What does cloud-based language teaching technology actually mean?

According to Microsoft, cloud-based technology refers to “the delivery of computing services—including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence—over the internet.”

In simple terms, cloud-based language teaching and learning technologies refer to those software products which can be freely accessed and used anywhere via internet access. Instead of installing a suite of teaching programmes onto multiple computers in a language lab or school network, students and teachers can simply log onto a website.

So why are cloud-based solutions invaluable for language teachers?


Tailored for hybrid learning and remote teaching yet can still be used also in the classroom!

As education systems globally continue to respond to the covid-pandemic, it’s obviously essential that language teaching software is tailored for, and easily supports, remote teaching and learning. Because cloud-based teaching solutions like Sanako Connect have been specifically designed for lesson delivery from any location, teachers can quickly set up classes and start teaching regardless if they are in the classroom or remote.

Furthermore as cloud tools are not tied to any particular technology or device, they can run on laptops, smartphones, Chromebooks or tablets. Importantly they can also be used on equipment provided by the school or on students’ personal devices.


Ease and convenience

Building on the above, cloud-based solutions tend to be easier for language teachers to use and save time in their busy schedules. Teachers, can, for example, use such solutions whenever they wish – there’s no need to waste time booking a slot in the language lab weeks in advance – teachers can simply email a link to their students to join the class. In addition, with Sanako Connect, teachers can easily create exercises mixing a range of different task types.

Cloud solutions are also easier for students to work with as well. They can flexibly participate in lessons from anywhere with an internet connection and can conveniently access all of the lesson resources within a single application. 


Schools can start small and scale when they need

As cloud-based solutions don’t require or rely on physical infrastructure such as servers or PCs, these solutions are highly scalable and can be quickly tailored to meet your changing requirements. Because there is nothing to install in the school’s computer classroom and because the customer only pays for the student licenses they need, institutions can choose to start small and then add more students to their account as other teachers adopt the solution. The subscription can be immediately updated. Equally, Sanako Connect can be easily deployed for individual teachers or across a whole institution, a group of institutions or across a national education infrastructure.


Reduced cost and reduced need for school IT infrastructure

Using cloud-based technologies also enables schools to reduce costs – an important consideration in a time of significant pressure on budgets. Sanako Connect can deliver all of the benefits of a language laboratory without the capital expense of buying hardware / desktop software and of setting up and running everything onsite. Furthermore, there are no installation or maintenance fees and upgrades are delivered free of charge through your online account. 


A student-first approach

As detailed in a recent blog post, cloud-based language solutions are particularly powerful in helping students to develop the core skills needed to achieve language fluency – listening, reading, speaking and writing.

In Sanako Connect, for example, teachers can lead classes in real-time or leave the session open for self-paced language learning. Time has also been taken to listen to students and teachers to ensure that Connect’s functionality actually increases the time each student spends speaking and actively practicing during classes.

Moreover, it is important to note that cloud-based solutions often help to decrease learners’ anxiety and increase their willingness to communicate. For some learners, communicating with or via technology can be less stressful than doing it face-to-face in a classroom environment. 


Interested to start using Sanako’s cloud-based language teaching platform?

With over 60 years experience in the language teaching sector, Sanako and its partners well understand that all education settings are different. No two schools are the same and no two universities will want exactly the same system set-up. Our local resellers are expert in understanding your specific educational needs and requirements and developing tailored integrations that meet them precisely. Visit the dedicated resellers page on our website to find your local Sanako expert. If you’d like to find out more about how Sanako’s cloud-based language teaching software could benefit your institution, please contact us now to arrange your free demo!

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