Instructional Videos and Guides

In the first video below, we will explain briefly about Sanako Connect and its basic functions. This video is for teachers who are new to Sanako Connect or are just learning about it and have never used this software tool before.

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You can read more details from the help articles or refer to the Getting Started Guide below:



For institution IT department:


This second instructional video is a bit more advanced training video for learning how to use the product and its most sophisticated features. In this video we will take a look at these main advanced functions of Sanako Connect:

– Monitoring students’ online status during a live session

– Using the simple recorder to record audio from students’ group discussions

– Using the advanced recorder, including how to use a video as the master track

– Using Chrome profiles to test your sessions & exercises and experience how these look and feel like for your students

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You can also watch this Youtube video playlist comprised of short videos addressing different functions of the product:

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