WEBINAR: Preparing students for oral language exams – How to do it online?

Testing and assessment of students oral language skills are vital components of any successful language teaching program. They play a key part in helping language educators identify students’ progress as well as highlighting areas of improvement to address in future classes. 

However many educators and institutions still spend significant amounts of time preparing, organizing, and marking formal/informal oral language assessments offline. Online learning technologies, such as Sanako Connect, can be powerfully used instead to support educators to create and mark all types of oral language assessments – both in the classroom and remotely. 

Specifically designed to help educators and institutions to save significant amounts of time and energy, this webinar will demonstrate how online tools can transform your approach to oral language assessment. We’ll also show how voice recording and online feedback loops can be easily deployed to engage and motivate students.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from Florian Busch, an experienced language teacher from Germany who will share his insights on how online language learning tools have helped his institution prepare students for formal oral examinations. He will also highlight the role that bespoke individual online learning plans play in that success.


This webinar session will help language teachers to:

  • Understand how online tools can be used to help students prepare for oral language exams
  • Discover how such techniques can save teachers time and energy
  • Learn how to create a personalized learning plan for every student
  • Engage and motivate students to study and succeed.
  • Get parents involved to reinforce key learning and messages.


The webinar was organized by Sanako on 29th April 2021, but you can watch the full webinar recording for free below:



Keynote speaker

Florian Busch is an experienced and passionate language teacher. He works at the Waldorf and Montessori schools in Dresden, where he specializes in teaching French, German, and History to students aged between 13 and 18. 

He studied German, Romanic Philology, and History of Art at the Universities of Freiburg, Lyon, and Leipzig.


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