Sanako revenue grows +38%

Cover image for Sanako fiscal year 2022 report

Sanako grows +38% during our fiscal year 2022!

Sanako’s revenue increased 38% compared to our last fiscal year! Sanako has just finalised our financial statements for the fiscal year which ended in August 2022, and in this period we saw a big bounce back from the Covid-pandemic. Our revenue grew significantly and our cash-flow was positive.
We executed and succeeded on our targets related to developing and promoting our new browser-based product Sanako Connect. The sales from this new cloud-software compensated for some missed opportunities caused by the global computer-chip crisis which affected our hardware-based language lab product deliveries.
Sanako wishes to thank all of our customers, distributor partners and employees for making this a successful year. Our distributors are essential to help us in our mission to provide better language education in your local schools and universities. We are always happy to find new partners and customers to join us on this mission!
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About Sanako:
Sanako is a Finnish educational technology company that has 60 years of experience in providing language teaching systems and software for language teachers. Our solutions are based upon globally recognized Finnish pedagogical models. Sanako has customers in 114 countries and has delivered solutions to over 50,000 classrooms. We believe that learning a new language enriches lives and drives social and educational inclusivity forward.
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Juho Isola, Sanako CEO
Phone: +358 50 527 9506