1. What is Lab 100

Sanako Lab 100 is the market-leading digital language lab that requires only a teacher computer. Lab 100 is a very cost-economical way to turn any classroom into a language lab compared to a full computer classroom. Students are equipped with digital recorder units that are easy to operate, and which allow them to participate in a number of stimulating learning activities, either alone, or in groups or pairs. Pre-set learning activities such as phone conversation and listening comprehension make it easy for the teacher to develop lessons.

Lab 100

Teacher and Student positions

The Sanako Lab 100 center consists of teacher and student positions. Students employ User Audio Panels (UAPs) that include recorder and volume controls and keys for setting, removing and searching for bookmarks, as well as for answering questions. The teacher position includes both a User Audio Panel and the Lab 100 Teacher application on the teacher computer, which allows teachers to assign work to, monitor and control the student User Audio Panels.

Sessions and Activities

When your teaching tool is Sanako Lab 100, you can divide your class into sessions for which you can then initiate different learning activities. A session can also cover the whole class. The session-based thinking of the Sanako Lab 100 program means that you can initiate different activities for the students to proceed with, and use different materials for each session. This way the students get a possibility to work with learning materials that correspond to their level and to get the maximum benefit of the teaching. The variety of different types of Sanako Lab 100 activities offers you all you need for efficient and versatile teaching and learning. Apart from the basic exercises, you can also make tests, and practice both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.