1. What is Sanako Study

Sanako Study is an advanced language lab software. It is used by English and Foreign language teachers to manage their language classes more efficiently and to help their students to spend more time actively practicing and learning during language classes.

Sanako Study is a Windows-application and is installed on school computers such as to the Windows workstations in their computer classroom. It can also be installed on Windows tablets such as Surface Pros or on Windows laptops. The Study software can then transform the computer classroom into a full-featured language learning center.

The first version of the Sanako Study was launched already in mid-2000 and after that, it has reached a huge audience among the language education community with over 30.000 classroom installations across the globe. Sanako Study is constantly developed and improved with new feature updates.

There are three different Sanako Study products with varying feature sets:

Study 1200 – Advanced software for language teaching and learning
Study 700 – Software for entry-level language teaching
Study 500 – Software for classroom management

Please note that depending on your Study software, some features referred to on this site may not be available

Study1200 updated UI