CUSTOMER STORIES: How Sanako Helps Wuhan University Students

The University of Wuhan, located in the largest city in Central China, is proud of its experienced foreign language teachers and the great variety of subjects it offers. With its numerous connections with other universities worldwide, Wuhan University represents a truly international environment for students from both China and from all over the world.

Following the international spirit of this prestigious technology-oriented institution, the choice for high-quality technology tools, the Sanako solutions, was obvious also for the teaching of foreign languages, including the demanding specialist training of interpreters.


Stimulating language learning with Sanako’s language teaching solutions

The need for a state-of-the-art language lab, such as the hardware-based Sanako Lab 100 and the software-based solution Sanako Study, was to help teachers in their work in offering first-class language education to students. A steadily functioning learning environment, that is easy to use and offers a wide variety of different functions for the class, was considered essential. 

In the modern language lab, the teachers are able to efficiently support the training of communication skills in foreign languages, even within the limited hours that the lesson provides.

“The teachers at Wuhan feel that the Sanako way of teaching and learning languages really has managed to stimulate students’ motivation towards learning foreign languages and overall has created an active and lively atmosphere in the class.”

Some of the most preferred functions of Sanako language labs at Wuhan are the possibilities to practice phone calls and meetings, both of which are especially efficient when ran in the concentrated setting of a language lab environment. At Wuhan University, hundreds of students learn in Sanako language labs in weekly basis. 


Which Sanako Solutions are used in Wuhan University?

Sanako Lab 100 is a traditional robust digital language laboratory, which can be wall-mounted, desk mounted or mobile and is an ideal tool for those wanting to use drill techniques for teaching languages. Some of its more advanced features make it the perfect system for all audio-based teaching. Most often used language lab activities that are utilised by Wuhan University teacher are:

  • Listening comprehension
  • Model student
  • Reading practice
  • Telephone conversation
  • Random pairing of students
  • Student grading facility
  • Group discussion, monitor & intercom
  • Podcasting
  • Simultaneous & consecutive interpreting (STS)
  • Student response digital recording (exam ready)
  • Quiz facility & multiple-choice testing facility
  • Audio on-demand & library facility, file access from network/CD, etc.

Available as an extension module to Lab 100, the Simultaneous Interpretation Training System (STS) was developed especially for the demanding field of professional interpreter training. Recording and reviewing student interpretations allow the teacher and her students to identify and correct weaknesses in their interpreting techniques and effectively improve their skills.

With Wuhan University’s new Sanako Study 1200 language lab software, class sizes, limited individual speaking time and distractions are no longer a problem. As easily as you would teach a single student, you can enable the entire class to participate in meaningful activities whilst utilizing the allocated time efficiently and remaining in complete control. With this language lab software all the most frequently used language learning activities are at your disposal with just a few mouse clicks. Predefined workflows allow you to conduct versatile and effective lessons combining speaking, listening and written text.

Sanako Study also works as a classroom management software for using class time for what it’s meant for: teaching and learning. You are in charge of the programs your students use, the internet pages they view and the activities they do.


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