Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi (RMUTT) from Thailand

Photo of Sanako Study 1200 installation in Thailand

RMUTT is a highly recognized educational institution from Thailand having a commitment on graduates” to serve the society. It is a well-established public university for undergraduate and post-graduate students. RMUTT has been using Sanako Lab 100 for over a decade already as their preferred digital language lab solution. They’re just updating their system to newer version and also adding Sanako Study and Sanako Pronounce to their selection of language teaching technologies. RMUTT is a direct customer of IMI Edutech Co., Sanako’s local reseller partner from Thailand.


What are this customer’s language teaching and learning needs

The Faculty of Liberal Arts (Foreign Language Department) is responsible for teaching languages to all faculties of the university. The challenging part for teachers is to cater to students’ individual needs with different skill levels (beginner to intermediate). Teachers were looking for ways to accommodate everyone without losing the students’ interest in learning the language.

Since the implementation of Sanako solutions in the institution, their language teachers are able to focus on the students’ individual needs. The ease of use makes teachers’ teaching time more productive and assuring that all recorded materials are collected for further assessment even after class time.

  • Sanako provides practice for students in an interactive way to help them improve their language skills. Students learn more because of more efficient class time that allows them to spent most of the time in actively doing and practicing language skills.

  • It is very useful for teachers to monitor the progress of the students and assess their students’ strengths and weaknesses and to better adapt to other activities available.

  • Being able to divide students into different groups and giving each group different tasks to work on allows teachers to cater to individual needs of students. Monitoring each group and evaluating during and after each activity is also possible.

“Sanako solutions are really easy to use! I also conduct our speaking and listening tests using Sanako’s solutions for its convenience. All students are assessed at the same time rather than doing it individually. Also, my students prefer using Sanako solutions to boost their confidence in practicing the language rather than a traditional face-to-face approach.

-Ms. Erika Regato (English teacher, Rajamangala University of Technology – Thanyaburi)

Sanako lab 100 installation thailand


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