CUSTOMER STORIES: Study 1200 at Nord-Østerdal Videregående Skole, Norway

Sanako Study 1200 at Nord-Østerdal Videregående Skole Norway
Nord-Østerdal Videregående Skole is a Norwegian high school situated in the Eastern part of the country. They have some 530 students, and have both vocational and theoretical studies.
They teach English, German and Spanish, as well as Norwegian to students and adults with immigrant backgrounds. They already have nearly 30 years of experience with language laboratories and most of that time they have used different versions of Sanako’s Lab 100 language laboratory. During late 2018 they also invested in the new Sanako Study 1200 software product. This is installed in one classroom that has 30 workplaces for students and a fixed cable network.

What do their language teachers say about Sanako Study 1200?

“We have about 10 different language teachers who are currently using the Sanako Study 1200 on a weekly basis. We are very pleased both with the broad functionality, the performance and stability and the quality of support when needed.”

The teachers tend to use these different language learning activities that are available in Sanako Study 1200 as part of their classroom lessons:

  • Discussions in pairs or small groups. Both recorded and not.
  • Individual reading of texts from a variety of sources (Internet articles, scanned textbook pages and others). Both recorded and not.
  • Share links to video clips that the students can watch by themselves. Then they often discuss afterwards or possibly report what they have watched.
  • Various listening exercises to a number of different sound sources. It is so easy to maintain a list of shared files / links.
  • Automatically graded pronunciation exercises.
  • Some exercises are pure training, but many also are evaluated / graded by teacher.
  • Teachers also enjoy the opportunity to cut all student PCs off from the Internet, in that way they can have writing exercises / essay writing without the PC being connected and distracting students to multitask.


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