Gamifying language teaching to increase learner engagement

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As global language educators appreciate and understand, all learners are different. Part of the skill of being a great teacher is knowing which technique or approach to take with each class and each student. The process of studying a language can be hard for some learners and maintaining motivation to keep them learning is a challenge for some teachers. 

To prevent students from dropping out or from falling behind, innovative teachers are increasingly looking to gamify their classrooms by using new techniques to engage their students. Their teaching uses elements from popular online and offline games (rewards, puzzles, user choice, avatars etc.) as part of their teaching content. This helps transform their students’ learning experience into a classroom-scale, multi-player game.

Specifically designed to help educators and institutions to improve student engagement and outcomes, this webinar is packed full of tried, tested, and trusted ideas, tools, and tricks that educators can easily and immediately use. It will also show how digital tools can be used to create engaging, gamified lessons that transform your teaching and inspire your students.   

In this webinar, you’ll hear from Shawn Beatty, an expert language educator with over 20 years of international teaching experience. He will share his extensive knowledge of using games and gamified teaching techniques to teach Japanese to US public school students. Shawn will also demonstrate how he uses online language lab tools such as Sanako Connect as part of his teaching toolkit.

This webinar session will help language teachers to:

  • Discover how gamified tools and teaching techniques can transform their lessons
  • Understand how these approaches can be used to engage and motivate students
  • Build confidence in using such tools more frequently in their lessons
  • Gain invaluable insights into teaching a language completely from scratch!

The webinar was originally organized by Sanako on 16th June 2021, but you can watch the full webinar recording for free below:

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Keynote speaker

Shawn Beatty is the specialist Japanese language teacher for the Columbia Public School District in Missouri, United States. He has taught Japanese for over 17 years in US public schools, following a 4-year stint teaching English in Japan.

He is hugely passionate about gamifying his classroom and ensuring that his lessons are as fun and engaging as possible. He is always looking for new ways to communicate his love of all things Japanese through his teaching and lesson materials. Games and gamified techniques have been particularly successful and are a real favourite for this teacher and his students.


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