How to ensure that your online language teaching platform is compliant with security and data privacy requirements?

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As the use and popularity of online teaching and learning tools continues to grow, educational institutions are increasingly aware of the challenges of keeping their students and their personal data safe online. After all, keeping students safe wherever learning occurs is one of the first responsibilities of educators and institutions.

We’ve written briefly in a previous blog post about how educators should take the time to understand how online learning solutions keep student data secure and exactly what they’ll do if and when disaster strikes. Sanako are very well aware of these concerns and have worked extensively with language educators globally to ensure that their products and services keep all users safe online. Read on to find out exactly what they do to ensure that you and your students are always safe online when using an online teaching platform like Sanako Connect.


Teacher is always in control

Sanako’s safety precautions begin when teachers prepare to set up a lesson for a particular group of students. Quite simply, every teacher just circulates a unique URL before every lesson to all participating learners. Students then click on the bespoke link to join the online class – no login details are required, so there’s no data privacy or data storage issues to worry about either!

If the lesson link is incorrectly shared by students, the teacher always has the ability to eject anyone accessing the lesson unexpectedly. Similarly, only the teacher is able to introduce educational content or to set up pair or group-work and activities.


Secure cloud-servers

Importantly, all of Sanako’s online products and all of our online interactions with learners are hosted on dedicated geographical AWS (Amazon Web Services) servers (we done have a separate server for Europe and USA). This helps us to ensure that our cloud-based technology solutions benefit from one of the most flexible and secure cloud computing environments available globally. AWS’ secure, high-performing, resilient and efficient infrastructure enables Sanako to support and protect all of our customers, all of the time. 


Backup and support

The AWS infrastructure also helps us to maintain an uptime of 99% across our online language teaching product range, allowing language educators to plan online language learning lessons with confidence. Should the unexpected happen and our materials are temporarily unavailable, then we’ll be able to quickly access and upload back-up data ensuring minimal service interruption. 

Notably, working with AWS also allows us to offer customers the choice of hosting their data and services on servers located in either EMEA or the US. Moreover, the threat of malicious action is further reduced as we ensure that our file servers cannot be accessed through our products (e.g Sanako Connect) by users or unauthorized contacts.


Expert partners

Sanako’s approach to working with best-in-class partners is also replicated when it comes to selecting third-party software providers. A good example of this is, whose real-time WebRTC communications platform enables us to embed live online listening and speaking sessions into Sanako Connect. Daily were selected as our partner for this work because their end-to-end encryption technology is highly resilient and enables us to keep live and recorded conversations permanently safe and secure.


Rigorous testing and monitoring

In order to ensure that these systems all work from Day 1, Sanako is committed to programmes of widespread security testing throughout the product development process. We run extensive initiatives with our global partners and resellers and with educators, institutions and students to ensure that everything is safe and secure. This continues even after the product has been launched and includes ongoing internal security monitoring and audit measures. We also do periodically internal cyber security audits to make sure our platform follows all cyber security best practices.


If you’d like to learn more about how Sanako’s proactive security measures keep educators and learners safe and secure online, then please contact us to arrange an online demo NOW!

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