Language teaching in the new normal – Examples from institutions in the UK

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Language educators worldwide have faced unprecedented change over the last couple of years as the Covid-19 health emergency has transformed previously trusted teaching approaches. In response, institutions are increasingly seeking to capitalize on the flexibility offered by blended teaching models.

Such approaches typically seek to deliver a high-quality teaching and learning experience by combining face-to-face teaching time with online learning components. But how can global language teaching institutions effectively reorient their content, curriculum, and staff to this new way of teaching? And what do they need to consider when buying the technology that makes it actually work?

This webinar aims to help you answer those questions! Specifically designed to support educators and institutions to respond to the challenges of delivering efficient and effective blended teaching and learning, this webinar is packed with best practices and expert insight.

Attendees will hear from two expert speakers. David Binns, Sanako’s UK Director, will share case studies from leading K12 and higher education institutions in the UK. Each one will demonstrate how they responded to the challenge of delivering blended language teaching. You will also hear from Aleksis Juhakoski, Sanako’s language teaching technology expert. He will give out updates about the recent and upcoming development of Sanako Connect – a blended teaching platform that combines the best parts of virtual classroom solutions and language labs.

This webinar session will help language teachers to:

  • Understand how leading language teaching departments in the UK successfully deliver blended teaching
  • Learn from classroom best-practice gathered from Sanako’s global customer base
  • Discover how Sanako technologies support teachers and how they can transform their lessons
  • Build confidence in using online tools more frequently in their lessons

The webinar was organized by Sanako on 22nd September 2021, but you can watch the full webinar recording for free below or by clicking here.

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Keynote speakers

David Binns is Director of UK Operations at Sanako. He started at Sanako UK as a technician in 1979 and has since worked his way up to Regional Director. David has therefore been involved in every aspect of language teaching technology and seen the positive impact it has had on both students and teachers. With a wealth of experience working with and satisfying teachers’ needs for over 40 years, the feedback he obtains has helped Sanako remain the market leader in advanced language learning technology.

David is excited by the opportunities that learning a language offers and thrilled by the innovative products which Sanako continues to bring to educational establishments across the UK.

Aleksis Juhakoski is a Solutions Specialist at Sanako. He is an expert in language learning technology with over 12 years of experience working with education customers across the world. In that time, he has seen significant changes in approaches to language teaching and the use of learning technologies to support educators and students.


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