Why did the University of Tampa choose Sanako Study for their state-of-the-art digital language labs?

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The University of Tampa is a medium-sized, private, residential university located on the riverfront in downtown Tampa, Florida. Part of the College of Arts and Letters, the Department of Languages and Linguistics provides students with the foreign language proficiency and cultural awareness necessary to succeed in an increasingly integrated world community. The department offers a major in Spanish and minors in French and Spanish, as well as courses in American Sign Language, Chinese, German, Italian, and Japanese. 

While language classes are taught in several buildings across campus, the Department’s Language Learning Centre assists students through the latest technology – high-speed internet, international TV channels, video conferencing software and more. The centre also has two Sanako-equipped classrooms, where lessons are held for approximately 400 students per semester.

As Raymond Cepko, Language Lab Specialist at the University of Tampa explained, the choice of Sanako Study 1200 clearly reflected the institution’s focus on supporting every student. 

“We chose to install Sanako Study 1200 because we were looking to create a communicative learning environment which was student-centered. The Study 1200 software allows instructors and students to seamlessly move from one activity to another. It also allows instructors to record and save students’ written work, audio responses and conversations.”

Cepko also noted:

“We wanted a system that was easy for both the instructors and students to use in a wireless environment and Study 1200 allowed us to do this.”

Sanako Study 1200 is installed on the instructor station in each classroom at the Language Learning Centre. This allows educators to easily guide, monitor and control student learning individually or in groups. The Sanako Student player is installed on all student computers. In total, Mr. Cepko confirmed that 22 classes were delivered in the two classrooms, with approximately 400 students and 11 instructors using the spaces per semester.


Improved learning results

Importantly, the installation of the Sanako Study 1200 solution has delivered notable improvements in student outcomes. Raymond Cepko highlighted that:

“We have found that students’ oral production has improved. This is because educators can record the students’ responses and conversations and then provide them with detailed feedback on their work.”

Cepko paid tribute to the Sanako team and to his local Sanako reseller, Multimedia Solutions, Inc, by noting:

“We have had great support and training from Multimedia Solutions, Inc. and from Sanako support technicians.”


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