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Many schools have already announced that post-covid they will teach more in a hybrid model in addition to normal face-to-face teaching. Our new Sanako Connect platform is here to support language educators with a complete online language teaching solution. Sanako Connect is designed solely for language education and it allows teachers to teach at home or school.

The return to school certainly offers a unique opportunity for educators to reshape and remodel their future teaching practice. After all, the school closures during the worst period of the covid-pandemic have seen many institutions moving from compliance to radical innovation, and there should be no rush to simply ‘get back to normal.’

Certainly educators’ use of educational technology has been transformed as a result of this extraordinary experiment. The start of the new school year therefore gives educators the chance to put well-planned online learning experiences in place and to invest in high-quality, flexible digital teaching and learning solutions. Such modern resources can support educators whatever combination of face-to-face and remote teaching they deliver.


Sanako Connect: A dedicated language teaching tool for dedicated language teachers

For language teachers, the covid-pandemic has undoubtedly been difficult. Many educators have struggled without access to physical language labs and the use of generic video-conferencing tools has also been problematic – they do not provide specific tools to support language learning and teaching. As a result, many schools have turned to Sanako Connect to support their response to the new distance/hybrid teaching reality.

“With Sanako Connect, our language classes can now be either synchronous – we can talk to all the students in real-time using a microphone or on a global chat, or to individual students via a microphone or a direct message – or asynchronous allowing students to practise at their own pace and submit their work for a teacher to check.”, says Dr. Marta Nowacka, Assistant Professor in the College of Humanities, The University of Rzeszów.

Sanako Connect now offers a complete online language lab solution for synchronous and asynchronous language teaching. It gives educators:

  • Unique recording features that are tailored for language teaching and learning

Students can easily complete speaking and pronunciation exercises on Connect. They just record themselves talking or insert their answers onto the master track of a video or audio file.

  • Flexibility to create and assign exercises in the same platform 

Teachers can save time and effort by creating a huge range of exercises for students including flashcards, pronunciation exercises, model-imitation, video exercises or gap-fill exercises.

  • A single view to easily manage student pairs and groups

Educators can use Connect to divide students into pairs or groups for conversation practice. Each group can discuss simultaneously without distracting each other. Teachers can listen in and/or talk with different groups.


Get full control of your online language class with Sanako Connect. Book your free remote product demo and find out more!

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