Why are more education institutions switching to Sanako Connect?

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As language educators and education systems work through the future of learning and teaching post Covid-19, it’s increasingly clear that flexible cloud-based teaching and learning systems are here to stay. Their ability to deliver remote teaching at scale and at distance has been much tested over past months, but there’s clear evidence emerging that education institutions are looking to make such services mainstays of their provision in addition to traditional face-to-face teaching methods moving forward.

The continuing success of Sanako Connect language teaching platform exemplifies this as global educators seek to support language learning through flexible solutions that work in class, at home or on the move. 

Sanako Connect is a cloud-based language lab software for teaching languages in the classroom or remotely. Check out the training video below to learn more about its features and benefits for language educators.

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From talking to language teachers who are our customers, it’s clear that there are a number of key factors that explain this shift to more complete language teaching platforms. Here are the 6 main reasons why so many Sanako customers are now adopting Sanako Connect as their go-to language teaching solution:

1. Ease and convenience

Educators (and IT technicians) worldwide have praised the ease with which Sanako Connect can be set up and used. Accessed via a web-browser, nothing needs to be installed nor apps downloaded. Teachers simply create a session for each lesson and share the link or QR-code with students – whether they’re in a classroom or studying remotely.

Importantly, teachers are also able to use exercise creation tools within Sanako Connect to enhance speaking and listening practice. They can use these to create a wide range of exercises including listening activities, pronunciation exercises with automatic grading, flashcard decks, gap-fill, matching pairs and multiple choice and written exercises.

2. Works in every computer and operating system

As a browser-based service, Sanako Connect works seamlessly on commonly used technologies including PCs, laptops, Chromebooks, tablets and mobile phones. It can also be used to enhance the in-classroom language teaching solutions like the popular Sanako Study as educators can then deliver similar language teaching activities specifically for distance teaching.

3. Student-focused

Sanako understands that the key to learning languages is maximise the time students spend listening and speaking. Sanako Connect therefore focuses on maximising the time students are able to actively practice their skills during classes. The Voice Insert feature, for example, allows students to answer pre-recorded questions at their own pace along with interpreting practice for independent role play practice.

The Sanako Connect solution also enables teachers to easily establish ability groups so that students can perform exercises appropriate to their skills and which build their knowledge and confidence. Students can also work in pairs to practice live conversations and other role play activities. 

4. Communication and support

Sanako Connect gives educators unparalleled ability to communicate with students and to support their learning. They are easily able to collect and review students’ audio recordings and provide feedback for work in real-time or via voice recording. Educators can also use live monitors and intercoms to communicate with students to support them as required and monitor progress.

5. Flexible teaching and learning

Teachers and students are able to access and use Sanako Connect in the classroom, from remote locations or any combination of settings. Teachers can, for example, use Sanako Connect to deliver teaching face-to-face in the classroom and/or entirely remotely. Equally, follow up work can be saved to the cloud, enabling students to complete the exercises from home and then automatically return them to their teachers. Importantly, teachers can also lead classes in real-time or leave the session open for self-paced language learning.

6. High standards for privacy and data security

Institutions are more aware than ever before about concerns regarding the harvesting and storage of confidential student usage data. Recognising those concerns, Sanako Connect operates via its dedicated servers and does not collect or retain any student account information or login details. Students therefore do not need individual login details, they simply join the lesson via a unique link provided by the educator.


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